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Diagnostic ultrasound scan examination


This includes any of the following:

  • Musculoskeletal ultrasound (Joint/muscle/tendon/ligaments)*

  • Abdominal wall/hernia ultrasound *

  • Swelling (Lumps & bumps) ultrasound*

Musculoskeletal ultrasound guided steroid injection (Joint/tendon/ligament)


This includes any cortisone injection

Ultrasound guided shoulder hydrodilatation/hydrodistension


Hydrodistension is a special procedure used to treat frozen shoulder/adhesive capsulitis. Read more...

Ultrasound guided barbotage/lavage for calcific tendonitis


Aspiration or breaking down of the calcium material is accurately attempted under ultrasound guidance. Read more...

Ultrasound guided high volume injection for Achilles tendon fat pad stripping


In this special procedure, the radiologist uses ultrasound guidance to inject a mixture of medicine Read more...

Ultrasound guided aspiration and steroid injection (ganglion or Baker’s cyst)


Baker's cyst aspiration Read more

Ganglion cyst aspiration Read more

Ultrasound Guided Intra articular Hyaluronic acid (Durolane) joint injection


A special procedure in which the radiologist uses ultrasound guidance to inject a visco-supplement into the joint. Read more...

Platelets rich plasma (PRP) injections


The fees for a block of 3 PRP injections is £1100

Arthrosamid knee arthritis injection 

Please contact us for details...

Our fees: Text

To book your appointment...

Click the Book Online button to complete your booking online (opens on a separate webpage). Alternatively, give us a call on 020 3442 1259 to book on the phone.

Kindly note...

  • You can self-refer for an ultrasound scan, but it is preferable to have a referral for an ultrasound-guided injection/procedure from a specialist prior to your appointment. This can be arranged by your GP, a physiotherapist or a hospital specialist (like an orthopaedic surgeon, a rheumatologist or a sports medicine doctor). If you need more clarification, please complete the patient's information form, allowing us to assess your suitability and health needs.


  • * The price quoted is for a single body part diagnostic ultrasound scan.

  • The full price of the scan/procedure will be charged at the time of booking. A full refund will be issued for cancellations 48 hours prior to the appointment. Don't hesitate to contact us as soon as possible if your circumstances change and you wish to cancel your appointment.

  • If you have booked an ultrasound-guided steroid injection/procedure, and after consultation, this is considered unnecessary or not recommended, you will be only charged for a diagnostic ultrasound scan examination (£250).​​

  • A minimum of 3 months gap is required if you are booking for a repeat steroid injection into the same body part.​​


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