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Causes of hip pain by location

Hip pain causes by location

Pain in the hip, groin or buttocks is a common presentation that we see in our practice. There are different approaches to assessing the cause of your hip pain. One method is to use the location of your hip pain. Using the location of the hip pain can help narrow down the diagnosis. The diagram and list below depict the different locations where you may feel hip pain and the corresponding probable causes. For more information on specific conditions, please follow the link provided.

It is important to mention that your healthcare professional will assess your pain and take a thorough history and examination. The pain's location is only one of the factors in the assessment. Your doctor may need to examine your hip, lower back (including your sacroiliac joint area), groin and buttocks to ensure a comprehensive assessment. Imaging like an X-ray, Ultrasound or MRI might also be necessary before establishing the correct diagnosis. X-rays are useful for assessing the joint spaces and the bones for any injuries. Ultrasound and MRI are useful for assessing soft tissues like ligaments, tendons and muscles. Ultrasound is very useful to guide injection therapies. It ensures accuracy and reduces adverse effects compared to procedures without imaging guidance.

Hip pain location chart

location of Hip pain diagram

Anterior hip pain (Pain at the front of the hip)

Groin pain

Lateral hip pain (pain at the side of the hip)

Buttock and posterior thigh pain (pain at the back of the thigh)

Posterior back pain (back pain)


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