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Hydrodilatation for Frozen Shoulder Cost

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We all know someone who's faced the discomfort of a frozen shoulder, or perhaps you're going through it yourself. This condition, which over a million people get a year in the UK, results in pain and limited mobility, making even simple tasks challenging. 

However, there's a simple yet affordable solution. This solution is called hydrodilatation. It doesn't require surgery and is just a simple injection with a mixture of medicines that helps treat your frozen shoulder

It's an incredible solution for those suffering from this condition. But because of its effectiveness, many people question its cost. So, let's explore the hydrodilatation for frozen shoulder cost.

Explaining Shoulder Hydrodilatation

What is Hydrodilatation?

At its core, hydrodilatation is a minimally invasive procedure aiming to alleviate pain and restore movement in individuals with a frozen shoulder. 

The hydrodilatation procedure utilises a special fluid mixture of steroids and numbing medications injected directly into the shoulder joint. The goal here is to stretch the tight joint capsule and reduce the inflammation within the joint via the strong anti-inflammatory effect of the steroids.

  • Steroids - A predominant steroid used in this mix is a durable preparation named Kenalog. In the procedure, Kenalog proactively suppresses inflammation, ensuring the joint's reduced stiffness and swelling over a prolonged period.

  • Numbing Medicine - An anaesthetic is integrated into the mix, pivotal in maximising patient comfort. Its presence ensures the entire process unfolds with diminished pain, letting individuals undergo hydrodilatation with minimal distress.

  • Normal Saline - In frozen shoulder, there is usually stiffness of the joint capsule. Normal saline is clean/sterile water that is injected with the medicines to achieve good distension of the shoulder joint.

Together, these pivotal components pave the way for both immediate relief and lasting benefits.

Why Hydrodilatation?

Many treatments are available, so why might someone opt for a hydrodilatation injection?

  1. Effectiveness: The primary reason is its effectiveness. Numerous patients have reported significant relief post-procedure, with many regaining a substantial range of motion.

  2. Minimally Invasive: It doesn't involve surgery. For many, the thought of going under the knife can be daunting. Hydrodilatation offers an alternative that is less intrusive and often quicker in terms of recovery.

  3. Cost-Effective: Now, we understand that costs can be a concern, especially when considering private steroid injections. However, when you weigh the benefits and the rapid return to everyday activities, hydrodilatation stands out as an affordable and worthwhile option in the UK.

Shoulder hydrodilatation

Understanding the Cost of Shoulder Hydrodilatation

Now that you're more familiar with hydrodilatation, you're likely curious about the cost. Let's break it down:

  1. Procedure: The fee covers directly administering a specific mix of steroids, anaesthetics, and normal saline into the shoulder, aiming to alleviate tightness and reduce inflammation.  

  2. Medical Professional Fees: This cost component pertains to the expertise of our trained professionals, who ensure precision in the procedure.

  3. Aftercare: Your investment includes our continued guidance and support post-procedure to ensure a swift and smooth recovery.

At the moment, the total for hydrodilatation stands at £395. For the most updated price, please visit our fees page.

Factors that Influence the Cost

Understanding the cost of a medical procedure, especially one as beneficial as frozen shoulder hydrodilatation, is crucial. However, various factors can influence the total expense.

  1. Location of the Treatment Centre: Location matters just as with any service. A centre in a prime area or city hub might have higher overheads, influencing their prices. We're located strategically, ensuring accessibility without compromising on quality.

  2. Experience and Expertise of the Medical Professional: Not all treatments are equal. The experience and expertise of the practitioner can play a significant role in the cost. With us, you're investing in some of the best in the field. Our professionals bring years of experience, ensuring the procedure is effective, safe, and worth every penny.

  3. Additional Treatments or Services: Sometimes, a patient might require supplementary treatments or services post-hydrodilatation. This could be additional consultations, aftercare, or even more sessions. While these can impact the overall cost, we always aim to offer comprehensive care packages that cater to all your needs.

Considering booking an appointment? Let's guide you through the entire process, ensuring transparency every step of the way, Just book an appointment here

Benefits of Hydrodilatation for a Frozen Shoulder

If you're dealing with a frozen shoulder, here are the advantages of the hydrodilatation injection:

  1. High Success Rate: The NHS reports a 70% success rate for enhanced shoulder movement and 90% for pain reduction using hydrodilatation.

  2. Pain Relief: It's not just steroids; the injection also offers pain relief components, ensuring more prolonged comfort.

  3. Long-Term Benefits: Patients benefit from the sustained effects, with less inflammation and greater joint mobility.

In summary, the hydrodilatation injection presents a compelling, evidence-backed option for those seeking an effective and enduring solution to a frozen shoulder.


Navigating the treatment options for frozen shoulder can be daunting, but frozen shoulder hydrodilatation provides a notable balance between efficacy and affordability. 

The hydrodilatation for frozen shoulder cost is competitive, with tangible benefits including high success rates and sustained pain relief. Such advantages make it a top choice for many, especially when considering our competitive rates for private steroid injections.

If you're considering frozen shoulder hydrodilatation, we're here to provide optimal care at a cost-effective price. Your relief and mobility are just an appointment away. Contact us today


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